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Address:Floor.26, Longsheng Building, No.23 Hongwu Road, Nanjing

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Jiangnan green building curtain wall

Summary information
建筑总高度为107.2米。 本建筑楼结构为框剪结构。 本工程主要幕墙类型:竖明横隐玻璃幕墙系统、铝单板竖向装饰线条竖明横隐玻璃幕墙系统、明框玻璃幕墙系统、横明竖隐玻璃幕墙系统、不锈钢挂件石材幕墙系统、铝单板幕墙系统、铝合金百叶系统、铝合金格栅系统、铝单板雨蓬系统、地弹门等。
Construction unit:
Design unit:
Shanghai modern architecture design (group) co., LTD., east China architectural design institute co. LTD
Construction site:
Product description

The total height of the building is 107.2 meters.

The structure of this building is frame shear structure.

This project mainly curtain wall type: shu Ming en glass curtain wall system, aluminum veneer transverse vertical moulding shu Ming en glass curtain wall system, frame glass curtain wall system, transverse Ming Ming shu en glass curtain wall system, stainless steel pendant stone curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall, aluminum alloy shutter, aluminum alloy grille systems, aluminum veneer canopy systems, door and so on. 

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