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We Are A Set Of Curtain Wall Design, Research And Development, Production, Installation In One Of The Comprehensive Provincial Group-Type Entity Company.

After-sales Service

(1)Guarantee Period
The free guarantee period is one year and valid from the day when a project is finished and accepted, and the life-long maintenance is committed. The material quality guarantee: the company provides 1 to 3-year quality guarantee for main materials such as aluminum sections, glass, sealant, hardware, etc. in projects of the company. During the quality guarantee period, in case that the products are discolored, deformed, broken and damaged due to poor quality, the company will provide free replacements. For any damage caused by external force such as misuse, man-made damage, weather, etc., the company will provide the maintenance service and only charge you material and installation cost.
(2)Guarantee Range
Except for man-made damage caused by construction units and in use, damage caused by the third party and damage caused by force majeure specified in the contract, the company will keep its high business reputation to provide timely maintenance for damage, falling-off and deformation, loss, cracking, leakage, breakage, etc. of all positions, parts, whole body or single body and whole piece or single piece in the project scope, which are caused by reasons such as construction quality of the company and poor management of the company before transfer.
(3)Guarantee Period
In normal use, every four years and at the end of guarantee period, the company guarantees to provide an overall inspection and free cleaning of curtain wall and implement an anti-ageing inspection and a water pouring test on disadvantageous positions of glass, sealing strips, structural silicone sealant, etc. As for maintenance of special parts and unsafe parts, the company also stipulates a feasible and detailed maintenance program.
(4)Guarantee Commitment
The project guarantee period is temporarily set at three years, that means the company is responsible for maintenance, repair and replacement for all quality problems such as leakage and damage caused by construction quality, system defects, quality problems of materials, etc. within one year from the day when the project is finished. After the guarantee period, for any problem caused by construction quality and material quality, the company will still inspect and maintain the project according to customers’ requirements until customers are satisfactory. For quality problems caused by man-made factors or other force majeure factors, the company assumes no responsibility, but the company will still provide charged inspection and maintenance service for the project according to customer’s requirements. Within the promised guarantee period, the company will bear all expenses; the company promises to provide the most favorable price for the maintenance of the project out of the guarantee period, and really makes all customers satisfied; in addition, the company promises that our maintenance persons will reach you within the promised time and solve the problem within three days. According to the international practice, in normal use of the glass curtain wall, besides normal periodical and aperiodic inspection and maintenance, the glass curtain wall should be fully inspected every two years so as to guarantee the safe use of the curtain wall. The disadvantageous positions of glass, sealing strips, sealant and structural silicone sealant should be inspected. In order to guarantee timely and effective maintenance of the project, the company will train a group professional maintenance persons for customers without charge.
(1)Guarantee Measure (within the guarantee period)
The loosened bolts should be tightened or tightly welded, and the rusty connecting pieces should be derusted and painted; 1. the glass should be repaired or changed in time when it is loosened or damaged; 2, the sealant should be repaired and changed in time when it falls off or is damaged; and when the curtain wall components and the connecting pieces are damaged, or the anchoring pieces between the connecting pieces and the main body structure are loosened or fall of, they should be changed or reinforced and repaired in time; 3, the curtail wall drainage system should be regularly inspected, and when it is plugged, it should be unplugged in time; 4, hardware should be changed and repaired in time when it falls off, is damaged or dysfunctional; 5, after natural disasters of typhoon, earthquake, fire, etc., the glass curtain wall should be fully inspected, and repaired and reinforced according to damaged conditions; 6, in normal use, the glass curtain wall should be fully inspected every six years, and the disadvantageous positions of glass, sealing strips, sealant, structural silicone sealant, etc. should be inspected; and 7, when the glass curtain wall is repaired and maintained, the following safety rules should be observed: the inspection, maintenance and repair of the outer side of the curtain wall must not be performed in case of the wind power above 4 levels or the rainfall; the equipment (cleaning machine and hanging basket) used for inspecting, cleaning and maintaining the glass curtain wall must be tight, conveniently-operated, safe and reliable; and in maintenance and repair of the glass curtain wall, all above-ground workers must observe the relevant rules of the national current standard of “accident prevention instruction on construction operation above ground” (JGJ80).