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Adapting to economic reform is the direction of China's glass industry development

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2017/10/12 12:51
I.analysis of the development status and overcapacity of glass industry in China In recent years, due to the rapid growth of investment in fixed assets in our country, industrialization, speed up urba

I. analysis of the development status and overcapacity of glass industry in China In recent years, due to the rapid growth of investment in fixed assets in our country, industrialization, speed up urbanization process, real estate, cars and other related industry rapid development, provides a continuous glass industry vigorous market demand, accelerate the development of glass industry. In 2009, China's total plate glass reached 577 million heavy boxes (28.85 million tons). There are 208 floating glass production lines; It accounts for nearly 50 percent of the world's total. The total assets of glass and technical glass reached 16.37.65 billion yuan, of which the total assets of the flat glass were 8.10.17 billion yuan, with 12.28 million employees. Though the glass processing industry in our country starts relatively late, but due to the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people on the safety of the glass, energy saving, beautiful sex and environmental requirements higher and higher, together with policies and regulations, deep processing of glass has developed rapidly in recent years. Especially safety glass and energy-saving glass every year the growth rate of over 30%, technical glass total assets of 82.728 billion yuan in 2009, for the first time exceeded the plate glass, has formed a complete variety and a great variety of deep processing of glass system. While affirming the great achievements of China's glass industry, we should be keenly aware that the development model of the industry is generally extensive. Some enterprises do not rely on the resource endowment condition, do not rely on the economic development level or the market demand capacity blindly; In some areas, the decentralization of the approval rights, the long approval, the construction of the unapproved enterprises and the construction of the side construction have caused the repeated construction and disorderly development. In 2009, China's floating glass capacity reached 652 million heavy boxes. In 2010, there were 37 lines of projects under construction (including relocation), and 149 million heavy boxes of capacity. If all of them are completed and put into production, the capacity will be severely excessive. Not only will it lead to vicious competition, it will also lead to huge waste of resources and energy. To curb part industry excess capacity and redundant construction, guide the healthy development of industry, on September 26, 2009, no. 38 in the country is sent [2009] of the state council notice forwarded ten departments such as the national development and reform commission on the inhibition of some industry excess capacity and redundant construction and several recommendations to guide the healthy development of industry of notice. This paper highlights include six flat glass industry, redundant construction and overcapacity problems has been clear about the industrial policy guidance, next resolutely curb excess capacity and redundant construction is proposed nine countermeasures. It has a very important guiding role for industry development. Looking at the implementation of the six months, we can see that some regions and enterprises are not strong enough to implement the documents. The main performance is: after the "document" has been issued, some projects under construction have accelerated the progress of the project, and they want to fire and put into production before cleaning up the report. 2 it is some of the production line has violated the files as shown in the "on September 30, 2009 has not yet been ignition start-up project to clean up and must be in accordance with the requirements of the six ministries files and access after that rear can fire" the provisions of the spirit, in the case of without acknowledgment continue ignition start-up, 09 September 30, and was completed and put into operation by the end of the article 9 float lines; Third, there are still many construction and development lines. Fourth, some new projects under the title of " super white, Low - E ", which are unworthy and false. In order to put an end to the problems mentioned above, we must strictly implement the spirit of document 38 of the country [2009], conscientiously do well in enterprise self-discipline and clean up work, strengthen supervision, and improve the execution of policies. Highlight the excess production capacity, the main reason should be attributed to the current industry development mode has not been a fundamental shift, is caused by local blindly, unordered and excessive, is also a long-term process of accumulation. In the case of excessive problems, the knowledge and opinions of experts and business leaders in the industry may not be exactly the same. From the industrial production area, the product surplus is still ubiquitous. Generally speaking, it is easy for the planned economy to cause shortage and market economy to lead to excess. Today our industry is wearing the "surplus" hat, also can say is a kind of "happiness is the worry".  So-called "xi" means we are in the national economy sustained, rapid and sound development of a strong pull, the national policy of correct guidance and glass industry in China under the joint efforts of the whole industry to obtain rapid development, has made unprecedented progress. The so-called "worry" is the current development of the industry still has many elements that are not compatible with the scientific outlook on development. If we don't pay attention to the quality and efficiency of development, and the way in which we don't focus on adjusting the structure and changing the development, the development of the industry will not be sustainable. Second, accelerate the restructuring of the industry and make a real change in the way of development The central economic work conference, held at the end of last year, made clear the six major tasks of economic work in 2010. In view of the overall economic situation, the fundamental and long-term trend of China's economic and social development has not changed. Maintaining steady and fast economic growth is the top priority of economic work in 2010. China's urbanization rate is still not high, only 46%. By one percentage point every year, China's urbanization rate is just the same as the current international average. And the improvement of urbanization rate means the urban infrastructure construction, building a steady growth of the real estate market demand, especially the demand of energy-saving building on the glass is a long-term, and rigid. Therefore, for a long period of time, the glass industry will still be a sunny industry full of vitality and stable development prospects. Rapid development and progress of China's glass industry is an indispensable important raw material industry of national economy and urban and rural construction, at the same time, a resource and energy consumption industry, flat glass was countries included in the current excess industry, low carbon increasingly restricts the extensive development, we should carefully and review plan clearly how glass industry guided by the scientific outlook on development, accelerate transformation of the mode of development of this major issue. Our country has a large, flat glass total accounted for about 50% of the world's total, but its value is much lower than the same products in developed countries, reported Japanese board turnover of us $7.5 billion in 2008, xu subsidiary with flat glass industry in our country basic quite turnover; There are only over 200 kinds of processed glass in China, 1/10 of the developed countries. To this end, we must put more emphasis on science and technology and improve the quality of staff and improve the quality and efficiency of operation. As the glass industry accelerates the transformation of the development mode, it is necessary to insist on the structural adjustment as the main line. Both the technical structure of structural adjustment and the adjustment of product structure, also has the organizational structure adjustment, in front of the new situation new task will have new content, different stages of development and has a different focus. First, the technical restructuring should be centered on energy conservation and emission reduction. To further improve China luoyang float glass technology, improve the quality of float glass, energy-saving, environmental protection, increasing varieties, such as launching process technology and equipment research and development, constantly develop new technology, new technology, the development of energy-saving, functional products. Strive to "float glass surface modification online", "total oxygen combustion technology", "" low temperature waste heat power generation technology, etc to effective, float production main technical and economic indicators at or near the international advanced level. To eliminate the poor quality, high energy consumption, and heavy pollution of the plantar glass. By advancing energy conservation and emission reduction as the central technical structural adjustment, we will gradually change the social image of the "two high capital" of China's glass industry. Second, the product structure adjustment should be guided by the market demand, vigorously develop the glass processing industry. More than 70% of China's glass products are used in the construction industry. The structural adjustment of glass products should be guided by the market demand, especially the demand and demand structure of the construction industry. In particular, we should pay attention to the new requirements of building energy conservation on glass products, and promote the development of glass processing glass to meet the building energy efficiency as the main market. We insist to the request for the main construction at the same time, also note the walking industrial (including automotive, railway, shipping, etc.), as well as the chemical industry, aviation, spaceflight, national defense and other related industries, new energy and photovoltaic power generation and photovoltaic building integrated development strategic emerging industries, such as demand for glass industry, trends and opportunities. Extending the industrial chain, the development of glass processing is the main direction of the structural adjustment of glass industrial products. Glass industry can not only be restricted to the raw material industry, but should be developed to the product industry, the industry chain should be extended, the structure should be adjusted, and the industry is expected to occupy the middle and high end of the value chain. We will encourage the production of high quality float and special varieties from the policy, and support large backbone enterprises to extend the industrial chain development glass deep processing project. China's plate glass processing rate is only about 1/3 of the original amount, while the developed countries are 60-70%, and we still have a big gap, and there is a huge market space and the prospect of industrial development. The market promotion of glass processing products should be done well, and the corresponding standards, specifications and brochures should be done well. At the same time, we should also promote the adoption of relevant supportive policies to expand the market. Thirdly, the restructuring of organizational structure should be focused on the recombination of stock. In recent years, the rapid development and progress of China's glass industry has been attributed to the emergence of a large number of large enterprises. They in promoting industrial structure adjustment and optimization, improving regional market concentration, speed up technological progress, and the energy conservation and emissions reduction, eliminate backward production capacity, the development of circular economy, played an important role to improve the efficiency, etc. However, the top 10 concentration degree of glass industry is only 57%, and there is still a big gap between the target of the "eleventh five-year plan" and the 70% target. In combination with the adjustment of the surplus industry, we will further strengthen the industry merger and reorganization, support the development of large groups, and improve the concentration degree of industry. The current development of the industry should not be placed on the new production line, and the state will support the restructuring, adjustment and technological transformation of existing stock assets from the policy. Well organization structure adjustment, this industry will be beneficial to improve production concentration, to improve the market power of large enterprises, is conducive to form an orderly fair competition environment, conducive to solve the excess capacity, price deviates from value and low benefit. Only in this way can the increase of industrial added value be realized in the same amount of scale, which is beneficial to reduce the carbon intensity. We advocate in the organizational structure adjustment, between enterprises, especially large enterprise, should have a fair competition, also want to more cooperation and communication, to avoid vicious competition in some markets tend to be saturated region. We should vigorously promote the corporate social responsibility, establish a good social image, and jointly raise the level of industry development. Fourth, independent innovation is the fundamental way to transform the way of development. The development of glass industry in our country can achieve today's achievement because of the invention, improvement and promotion of luoyang float glass technology. China's luoyang float glass technology with independent intellectual property has a strong competitiveness in the construction cycle, investment scale and technical economic indicators of the production line. Currently, nearly 90% of the country's 208 floating glass production lines have adopted this autonomous technology. You can imagine, if the float glass industry development of our country to buy foreign technology, we develop how high price to pay, and the pace of development is absolutely impossible to reach the level of it is today, nice and fast. This is at least the most typical case of China's building materials industry to stick to the fruits of its own innovation. We are proud of it. Independent innovation should be comprehensive innovation, can be characterized by technology, process, product, etc, can also show the business model innovation, can also be characterized by including enterprise culture, system, management, organization, marketing, management innovation. The innovation of enterprise independent innovation is an effective combination of technological innovation and management innovation. At the same time, we should pay more attention to the technological innovation of enterprises. Technological transformation has the advantages of little investment, short duration, quick effect, and can avoid duplication of construction. The state will also draw up special funds this year to support technological transformation. We should seize this rare opportunity. The development path of the industry with the characteristics of lower carbon emission Low-carbon is to the glass industry to pursue the development of the industry with low emission as the characteristic, to achieve the development goal of green GDP. The glass industry belongs to the raw material industry of the resources and energy dependence of the national economy. The basic characteristic of the industry is that the raw materials cannot be separated from the mineral, and the production cannot be separated from the thermal furnace, which has the characteristics of "mining" and "kiln". Therefore, we must take energy conservation and emission reduction, develop circular economy and low carbon emission as the central task of industrial development. Our government has announced that the target of CO2 emission per unit of gross domestic product by 2020 will be 40% to 45% below 2005 levels. There is a long way to go to achieve this goal. At present, there are still quite a few enterprises in the industry, which do not value their own environmental governance, and there is an externalization of internal costs, which is short-sighted and irresponsible. On the one hand, we should adhere to the "energy conservation and emission reduction". On the other hand, by adjusting the structure and the innovation of technology and management, the economic benefits of the industry can be greatly improved to achieve the reduction of carbon intensity. To sum up the past and future, the main path of low carbon emission in the industry is: (1) adjust the structure and reduce energy consumption. Adjusting the structure is an important way to improve energy efficiency. In recent years, the glass industry in China has been phased out of the "vertical" and some "flunking" glass; The single line scale of float production line is gradually expanding (from 430T/D in 1995 to 522T/D); To develop the deep processing of glass (flat glass, ten thousand yuan in China 9 tce, the industrial added value of energy consumption and less than 1 tce) processing glass and other major initiatives, for saving energy and reducing consumption has played an important role. (2) pollutant discharge and control measures. As some enterprises implement the desulfurization dusting governance and use clean energy and glass furnace waste heat power generation, and eliminate backward production capacity, etc., is expected to 2010 can be achieved during the period of "11th five-year plan" of pollutants emission reduction target of 10%. But NOX emissions cuts will be urgently addressed. (iii) oxygen-enriched combustion and all-oxygen combustion technology. Make glass furnace combustion with air medium, effective combustion is only 20% oxygen in the air, the remaining 80% is primarily a nitrogen combustion instead take away a lot of calories, not only reduce the furnace thermal efficiency, and will be generated at high temperature of NOX pollution environment, therefore the development in recent years and oxygen-enriched combustion oxygen combustion technology. It can improve the production capacity of the kiln, improve the quality of the glass, improve the thermal efficiency, reduce the fuel consumption, and reduce the pollutant emission, which is beneficial to the environment. Oxygen-enriched combustion has been adopted in many enterprises; The all-oxygen combustion technology has just begun to be developed and incubated in the flat glass industry. (4) residual heat generation technology of glass furnace. Use of glass furnace flue gas waste heat power generation, eduction and back it used for glass production, can improve the furnace thermal efficiency and lower energy consumption, the current domestic has many USES, can meet the production line about 50% electricity, energy saving about 8%. (5) promote the use of Low - E glass and Low - E insulating glass with energy-saving and environmental characteristics. Building energy efficiency is the national "11th five-year plan" one of the ten major energy conservation projects, the current building energy consumption accounts for 27.6% of the total energy consumption society in our country, the existing 44 billion m2 99% for energy intensive construction of urban and rural construction, the New Year in more than 20 m2 building mostly also could not reach the requirements of energy saving buildings. In the next 10 to 20 years, China will have to maintain an economic growth rate of around 8%, which will face huge energy constraints.

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