We are a set of curtain wall design, research and development, production, installation in one of the comprehensive provincial group-type entity company.

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As a comprehensive provincial-level group founded on June 15, 1995, Jiangsu Hoovercool Group Co., Ltd. integrates design, research, development, production and installation of curtain walls. It is one of the first group of curtain wall enterprises listed on State A-grade Design and A-grade Construction Curtain Wall Enterprises. In 2002, it became a member compiling State Standard on Construction Curtain Wall on invitation of Ministry of Construction, a Deputy Director Unit of Aluminum Door-Window and Curtain Wall Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association and a Key National Hi-Tech Enterprise.
Its headquarters is located in Business Zone of Xinjiekou, Nanjing, known as China No.1 Business District; the curtain wall production base is located in Huangtang Industrial Park, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, with an area of 65,000 square meters and a construction area of 39,800 square meters. It has multiple automatic production centers and production lines introduced from Germany, Japan and Italy, fixed assets of more than 118 million, floating assets of 150 million, and 502 people including 85 managers and technicians with senior titles and 168 with junior titles.
After years of efforts, the Group has had excellent reputation and a larger scale in domestic curtain wall industries. Since 2003, the Group has made great improvement in human resources: innovating its internal mechanism systematically and in all aspects so as to further strengthen its comprehensive competition capacity. Especially, it introduced a team of talents in management, design, project, and sale from first-class curtain wall enterprises at home and abroad to reorganize the core team of the company and comprehensively upgrade integration capacity in technique, management and construction. Now, its technical force has reached first-grade in domestic market. And it makes extensive cooperation with well-known enterprises, design agencies and colleges both at home and abroad. Some design projects of the Group have become classic projects in domestic market, even in international market. For example, the branch contract construction project for Special Plane and Business Plane Building of Beijing Capital International Airport is the State Heart Project, which adopts the most advanced technology and the highest-grade materials at present; the first-phase curtain wall project of Nanjing Deji Plaza is a truss-typed spot glass curtain wall with highest span; the external wall decoration project of Henan Development Building is the only one which adopts three-dimensional unit curtain wall project in large areas; the external decoration project of Nanjing Yilanzhai Art Gallery is the only one which adopts long-span flexible glass curtain walls integrated of a brittle and plastic compound support system; and the first-phase curtain wall project of Qingdao COSCO Plaza adopts electrically controlled unit glass curtain walls for the first time in China, and so on.
Besides, the Group, making scientifically and orderly strategic plan in technical research and development, not only keeps communication with industries of the same field and cooperation with well-known design agencies, but also establishes curtain wall research laboratories and experiment stations with foreign famous colleges to handle research and development work of high and new technology curtain wall with guidance of academic research. And it is in a leading position in high technology curtain wall aspects in China, such as double-sided curtain wall, long-span flexible glass curtain wall, etc.
Under the tenet of “Survive by Quality, Develop by Credit’ and the policy of “Professional, Whole-Hearted, Dedicated, Sincere”, the Group, by constant improvement, supplies excellent service to customers, providing guarantees on project quality and high efficiency. It undertook more than 200 state-level, provincial-level, city-level or district-level key projects in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Yunnan and other provinces or cities in recent years. There are more than 30 projects awarded provincial-level prize or above, and more than 10 projects are applying for or ready to apply for provincial-level good-quality project prize or above. Now, the projects it completed are as follows: the first-phase and the second-phase Station Building of Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Kunming Guanfang Building, Zhenjiang Post and Telecommunications Control Center, etc., and all these have won State-level ‘Luban’ Prize; the second-phase project of China Sci-Tech Museum won Silver Prize of National Engineering Construction Quality Prize; Danyang Agricultural Bank Building, Changzhou Insurance Building, Danyang Dongya Great Hotel, etc. have won ‘Yangtze Cup’ prize, the super title of Jiangsu Construction Engineering; and Nanjing Desheng Building won Silver Prize of Jiangsu Good-quality Prize. With emphasis on the development of technical force, it constantly develops and innovates its culture, which strengthens enterprise’s cohesion, stimulates activity and creation of employees, and prepares for its long-term development.
Under the culture of “Human-oriented, Pioneering, Innovative, Enterprising”, all people will spare no effort to win market, establish credit and set up brand in an active developing atmosphere for every customer in every project.

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